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Carinal Capital Group is Massachusetts’ number one hard money lender with over 10 years of direct private money lending experience. We offer fast, reliable financing to a wide variety of real estate investors by tailoring loan programs to your specific needs. Our private loan rates start as low as 8% and can close within just 3 days!

No matter what type of real estate you are investing in, we have a loan product to match. Whether you hold title in a company entity (LLC, Corp, Trust, etc.) or personally, our experienced team is ready to handle all transaction types. 

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Direct Private Loans


Carinal Capital Group is unlike other Massachusetts hard money lenders. Our system is unique, in that we give you a quote within one hour of making a request. Our mortgage specialists want to give a fair and helpful quote, so you can trust that the amount you’re offered is realistic and well-valued.

We base all of our lending on assets, not credit scores, so that you can get the private money loans you need and we know that you’re good for the loan. We know that if you’re coming to a direct lender, you probably want an asset based loan, so we focus on mortgages and value of property rather than what a credit company reports.

Your life and your business are more than just a number when you work with Cardinal Capital Group. We’re the top hard money lenders in Massachusetts and we got here by being friendly, helpful, and giving our clients just the opportunity they need to get ahead.

Hard Money Loans Massachusetts, Quick & Reliable Real Estate Funding

Are you curious about you financing options? Need a good MASSACHUSETTS AREA HARD MONEY LENDERS choice? Have you heard that there are other ways to get a mortgage than through a bank? Does the term ‘direct lender’ appeal to you? Are you struggling with a less than ideal credit score?

Welcome to Cardinal Capital Group, where we can help people like you.

What is a Hard Money Lender?

A hard money lender is a lender that offers financing, loans, or mortgages with private funds. Instead of talking to a bank or loan officer, you’ll be working with someone who works for a direct lender who is not interested in credit scores.

If Not With a Credit Score, How Can I Get a Loan?

Private money lenders are the alternative to working with creditors who require credit scores. But that doesn’t mean you can get money for nothing. You’ve got to have some collateral that you can put up against the loan. For example, if you own property that you want to develop, but you need capital in order to get things off the ground, you’ve got to get cash quickly. The ability to get that financing may be the difference between continued success and rapid failure.

Cardinal Capital Group’s Massachusetts hard money lenders are trained to deal with that exact scenario. They’ll assess the value of the property and give you a loan based on the real value of an improved development. The cash can be used to ensure that things keep rolling along and you get the future investment and buyers that you need.

How Fast is Fast?

The best part is that at Cardinal Capital Group, we focus on just a couple of key things: an easy experience, fast service, and friendly help whenever you call us in Massachusetts. If it’s not easy, fast, and friendly, you’re not working with the right direct lenders! Call Cardinal Capital Group today!

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